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My mother has often told me, "you learn more by listening than talking...". This has never been more true than during this campaign. I am thankful for all of the visits, discussions, messages and calls from my friends, neighbors and 3rd Ward voters! Every neighborhood meeting, every conversation with you, the voters, is invaluable. Having this opportunity to listen to what issues and concerns you have has helped me learn where and how best I can serve the community. 

Please keep talking 3rd Ward... I am listening!

Need for Bipartisan Collaboration and Unity for a Stronger City

In my many conversations with the residents of the Third Ward (and Evansville as a whole) I have been deeply moved by your calls for a unity of purpose and bipartisan collaboration to address the pressing issues we face in our city. You have told me time and again, Evansville needs bipartisan collaboration, unity, and citizen inclusion from our Leadership to achieve progress for our city. 


I have heard you and here are the lessons I have learned:


Common Goals Unite Us


What has become crystal clear is that, regardless of our political affiliations, we all share common goals. We all seek safer streets, improved schools, economic growth, and a vibrant community for our families. These shared aspirations unite us and remind us we are all on the same team—the team of Evansville.


Collaboration Spurs Innovation


Our city faces complex challenges, and their solutions are not found in rigid ideologies. They are found in the spirit of cooperation. I have seen firsthand that when leaders from different backgrounds come together and listen to the people they serve, innovation flourishes. Bipartisan collaboration is not a sign of weakness; it's a path to finding the best solutions for our city.


Trust Is Fundamental


Trust is the cornerstone of effective governance. I have heard your concerns about the erosion of trust in your political representation. By working together, by putting the needs of our city above personal or partisan interests, by providing transparent communication to the community, we can rebuild the trust that is essential for effective leadership.


Local Action Matters Most


While national politics often dominate the headlines, it's here, at the local level, where we make the most immediate and tangible impact on the lives of our residents. It is your voices, your experiences, and your needs that matter most. Our focus must be on addressing local issues with local solutions.


I am committed to engaging with local community groups, thought leaders and shareholders to ensure you have a seat at the table. I will engage in open and respectful dialogue, seek common ground, and prioritize the well-being of our city above all else. Together, we can make sure Evansville is an example of cooperation and progress at a grassroots level and that E is in fact, for everyone.

Date: 9/13/2023


I have met so many wonderful people these last few weeks! You have all provided insight and perspective into how you want your city leadership to function FOR YOU. Nearly every discussion has included questions/concerns centered around the lack of representation for the citizens of the 3rd Ward. Over and over, the tone of every conversation has been similar: If I don't know my city councilman, how will I be heard or represented in local government?". 


Many people in the 3rd Ward either are unsure what ward they live in (due to recent redistricting line changes), or do not believe their council representation works for them. Voters should not feel forgotten, marginalized or talked down to. Your leaders serve you, not the other way around.


As your Councilman for Evansville's 3rd Ward, my only agenda will be finding solutions to address the concerns of my friends, my neighbors and my Ward. 

I will work hard to make certain you know me, and I am listening to you!


Once elected I will take the following steps to address this need:


  • I will establish quarterly 3rd Ward meetings to ensure you have an open line of communication to your councilman

  • I will work to develop issue-specific taskforces (public safety/business development/park conservation and improvement/recovery programs/etc) to take on challenges for our ward and Evansville

Thank everyone who has taken time out of their day to talk with me! Together we can do great things for the 3rd Ward!

Date: 7/23/2023



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