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We are excited to bring you the latest developments and progress from the campaign trail as we continue our journey towards November 7th!


Here you will see events, fundraisers, and upcoming discussions. Joe wants to meet the citizens of the 3rd Ward and get to know them, and their thoughts on what is going on in our great city.

Donations and Support:

Running a successful campaign requires financial resources, and Joe is grateful for every contribution that helps him reach his goals. If you believe in his vision and want to support his efforts, please consider donating to his campaign. Your support enables him to amplify his message, engage more voters, and build a brighter future for Evansville TOGETHER!


If you would like to make a donation, please click the DONATE button at the top of this page!

Catching Up With Joe

Upcoming Events

9/9: Tomorrow is another great Picnic in the Park with your GOP Candidates! Join us at Akin Park at 12pm until 2pm to have lunch and get to know the next leaders of Evansville!

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