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Joe Kratochvil is a dynamic and visionary servant leader running for Evansville City Council Third Ward. As a common sense candidate with strong Republican roots based in humble beginnings, Joe brings a fresh perspective, a wealth of experience and a results-driven mindset to his campaign. Joe’s business journey began in banking when he joined Old National Bank and then moved into the energy/commodities sector where he quickly rose through the ranks and demonstrated his ability to drive growth, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional results. He later founded his own successful consulting firm, where he advised businesses of all sizes on strategic planning, financial management, and operational efficiency, then finally finding his professional home at Keller Williams Capital Realty in the role of Chief Executive Officer.


As a business leader, Joe understands the importance of fiscal responsibility, organizational discipline and efficient governance. He believes in the responsible management of public funds and will work to ensure taxpayer dollars are used wisely and effectively to benefit the entire community. He recognizes the need for a pro-business environment that encourages entrepreneurship and attracts new investments to the city creating job opportunities for Evansville residents. Joe’s commitment to community service is unwavering. He has been actively involved in serving multiple not-for-profit boards and volunteering his time and expertise to improve the lives of those around him. During his time at Countrymark Refinery, Joe served on the Countrymark Fire Brigade, and in 2021 he was sworn in as a reserve officer with the Rockport Police Department to gain first hand knowledge of day to day challenges in law enforcement, furthering his community service goals. Joe believes in giving back to the community that has supported his success and is passionate about creating positive change that benefits all citizens.


A Fresh Vision for the City


Joe’s platform is built on a bold and forward-thinking vision for Evansville. He believes in limited government, responsible spending, strong focus on public safety initiatives, curation of our parks and policies designed to foster economic growth, attract/retain diverse and dynamic individuals, and create jobs. He is a vocal advocate for improving infrastructure, and strongly believes in the need for preservation/continuous improvement of our parks. As an active police officer, he understands the in-field challenges law enforcement faces every day and knows the importance of enhancing public safety by empowering law enforcement with training, tools, community relationship building, and funds to achieve these goals. A top priority will be promoting education initiatives to ensure a safe, thriving and vibrant community, and will include working with school officials on actionable steps to make our schools safer for our children, teachers and staff. Business and economic growth are part of Joe’s DNA. Enabling small business and local development in Evansville through innovative strategies designed to encourage growth and make Evansville a place where business thrives is a passion.


Joe is known for his engaging, people first leadership style, which inspires others to join him in pursuing a common vision. He is a skilled communicator and a natural collaborator who brings diverse stakeholders together to find innovative solutions to complex problems. Joe is not afraid to roll up his sleeves, listen to the concerns of the community, and take decisive action to drive positive change.


Joe offers a compelling vision for the future and the proven ability to turn that vision into reality. With his entrepreneurial spirit, community commitment, and dynamic leadership style, Joe is ready to channel his passion for service as your Republican Evansville City Council candidate for the Third Ward. He is dedicated to working tirelessly for the betterment of his city and its residents, and poised to make a lasting and positive impact as a representative of his Ward.

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