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Few things matter more than safety and security, and Joe Kratochvil firmly believes these are the highest responsibilities of government. This is true for safety in our neighborhoods, schools, and homes. He is committed to ensuring the residents of the city of Evansville feel secure. 


As an active law enforcement officer and brother to an EPD officer, Joe understands the importance of law enforcement and the challenges they face every single day.  While these public servants deserve our respect and our gratitude for their service - what they most need is our support. 


Joe Kratochvil believes in promoting policies to increase public safety, such as funding for crime prevention programs, increasing resources and training for law enforcement agencies, and raising salaries/adding benefits to retain and attract officers to our city. 


School safety is a top priority and Joe will work to create safe environments across our city’s schools for our children, teachers and staff. Additionally Joe will work to develop and fund initiatives to ensure criminals never take precedence over the their victims, while ensuring our courts have the necessary resources to prosecute the criminals who threaten the safety and security of our city.


Mental health must be a component to ensure a safe community. Due to the recent state budget, and it’s reduced allocation of funds towards mental health resources, a local approach is more imperative than ever. Our mental health initiatives must include resources for teenagers through adulthood. 


Joe Kratochvil is committed to making our city safer and more secure for all of us. He believes by working together, we can build a stronger, safer community where Evansville’s potential can become our reality.


As your candidate for City Council, Joe Kratochvil is committed to promoting inclusive economic growth in our community. Regardless of their background, Joe believes everyone should have access to the tools, connections and economic resources they need to succeed, start their dream, or empower their business.


Joe’s vision for Evansville’s economic opportunity is centered on the creation of an environment supporting diversity and growth. This vision focuses on opportunity development to keep our university students here in Evansville, supporting entrepreneurship, small business development, and corporate partner success, fueling inclusive economic growth in Evansville. This includes reducing barriers to entry for small businesses, providing access to working capital and business resources for startups, and creating vibrant networking, mentorship and business synergy realization opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate partners.


Joe also believes investment in workforce development programs are necessary to help prepare all residents, including those from underrepresented communities, for the jobs of the future. This includes partnerships with local schools, vocational and technical training programs, and apprenticeship to hire opportunities with local businesses.


Joe will work with school leadership and community organizations to promote financial literacy and supporting resources for those who may face financial barriers to success. These resources include expanding financial counseling, education programs, and developing creative capital structures to empower inclusive, economic growth for Evansville.


Joe’s goal is to promote opportunity for the people of Evansville, growth and development in our city for our residents. As your Republican councilman in the 3rd Ward, Joe Kratochvil will work to make Evansville a place were innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses grow. 


As a City Council candidate, Joe Kratochvil believes it is necessary to address the issues in our city parks. Evansville’s parks  promote community building, preserve our natural resources, improve quality of life, and promote a healthy lifestyle. By establishing fiscally responsible methods to invest, maintain, and improve we create a vibrant and sustainable community that benefits all of our residents.


Joe understands that to improve our city parks we must prioritize funding both through city funds and community partnerships. He intends work with city leadership to implement environmental sustainability initiatives, improve the use of Evansville’s natural features to provide opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, Joe hopes to provide learning opportunities in our shared outdoor spaces for children through improved infrastructure, and public safety.


Joe believes with proper oversight, our current parks will be a valuable asset to our community for years to come.

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